From the forthcoming album "On Eagles wings"
This song is about the unfailing everlasting love of God. A true Love song in every sense of the word. This song is dedicated to all of us who have strayed to a "Far country."
(Luke 15: 11-32).


Your love is forever,
And your light will always shine,
You've seated me in heaven,
Right by the Father's side.
And I stand before your throne.
My wings turned to ashes
In the silence I am known.
My stubborn heart, my foolish pride,
This death that I have died.

Divine, divine
Your love is divine.
Divine, divine
Your love is divine.

Is a broken heart the price that I pay?
The wages of sin, a heart gone astray.
Still I run to you like the prodigal I am.
Straight into your loving arms.