1. Star

From the album Siren's Song.
An acoustic song about fame and it's uncertainty.

"The world and it's desires Pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."
(1 John 2: 17).


Waking up on Monday morning.
You see the light of day,
As the rain falls hard against your window pane.
Been the same thing every morning.
You can't seem to find.
The answers to the questions.
Running through your aching mind.

Funny how life always seems to be
So insane some kind of crazy dream.
But the world it keeps on turning around
With or without you
The sun goes down.

And the sands of time are running dry.
And the lines on your face they paint a picture.
There's a story in your eyes only you can tell.
So dig down deep into your pocket baby.
And throw another penny
to your wishing well.

You were a star.
The brightest by far.
But you've fallen now.
And where are they now?
Those who adored you.
Now you have grown old
And your fire has gone cold.
And your story's told.

And the sands of time are running dry.
And The lines on your face...............