1. Immanuel

From the album Siren's Song, this song is written from the perspective of Simon Peter. Having witnessed the death of Christ he is becoming increasingly aware of what it actually means.


Golgotha is still burning in my mind.
My blood runs cold as I recall
The night the saviour died.
Gethsemane, now a memory
But I still see him standing there.
Eyes to the sky he let out a cry,
Father let this pass me by,
But let your will be done.


Exodus, God with us
Israel has been set free.
Broken the bonds, broken the chains.
Released the yoke of slavery.
And high on a hill in Jerusalem
The King of the Jews was crucified.
Tortured and flayed the price that he paid.
Father forgive them all he prayed.
They know not what they do.