1. Siren's Song

From the album "Siren's Song."

In mythology, the Siren was a creature whose beautiful hypnotic singing lured sailors to their deaths. In it's essence this is a song about idolatry.

"The sorrows of those will increase who run after other Gods."
(Psalm 16:4)


Girl you are so beautiful.
You take my breath away.
But there's a dragon's eye
Behind your disguise.
Sweet sweet music
Got me hypnotized.

Siren's song.
Twisting my mind I can't go on.
Siren's Song.
Flames rising higher,
Burning desire,
Funeral pyre.

Girl you've got an Angel's smile.
But the taste of poison's on your lips.
You cast your spell and I burn in hell.
You take my soul with just one kiss.

Siren's Song................